Mailing Labels

Why do I need labels?


  • Advertise Your Shootout
  • Send Fliers for your upcoming Coaches Clinic
  • Contact Coaches\Administrators\Schools
  • Networking\Job Hunting
  • Send Out Brochures for All-Star Candidate*

Mailing labels are available at discount prices for IBCA members.

Label Type Retail IBCA Member Price
Boys Varsity $35 $30
Girls Varsity $35 $30
Boys Athletic Directors $35 $30
Girls Sports Directors $35 $30
Principals $35 $30
Other (What do you need?) ? ?


** Add $3 for Shipping and Handling for each set of labels
** Contact Gene Milner ( ) with questions or mail check and order to Gene Milner 321 S. Bloomington St. Greencastle, IN 46135

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