IBCA Selection Procedures

Showcase Selection Process

  1. Nomination letters go out to each boys and girls HEAD COACH in the state of Indiana.
    1. They have approximately one month to nominate the best players they have seen from their area (Including their own players).
    2. These nominations are to be sent to their IBCA District Representatives. IBCA District Representatives names will be on the nomination forms.
    3. After all the nomination letters have been sent to the IBCA District Representatives, (we have three representatives from each District), the IBCA Representatives will meet to identify the top 25 from their district.
    4. As a result, each of our three districts will be represented with 25 players each.
    5. At an IBCA Board of Directors meeting, 75 more players, regardless of district will be added to the original list of 75. This gives us 150 names of nominated players. The last 25 will be alternates.
  2. The top 125 nominated players will receive an invitation letter, c/o their coach, to attend the Showcase. We give the nominated players two weeks to commit.
    1. After this letter we usually get a commitment from around 80 players.
    2. IBCA District Representatives then contact those coaches of players we have not heard from by the deadline to make sure they got the letter and they are not attending.
    3. We then send a letter to the remaining 25 alternates to fill out the roster.
  3. Those players who have committed and have returned the data sheet with the entry fee ($50) will receive a second letter providing them with information about when and where to report and a map to the facility.

IBCA Junior All Star Boys and Girls Selection Process

  1. Nomination letters go out to all boy’s and girl’s Head Coaches in Indiana.
  2. Coaches have approximately one month to nominate the best Junior players they have seen from their area (including their own players).
  3. These nominations are sent to their regional representatives who form the selection committee.
  4. The selection committee consists of 22 coaches. Sixteen coaches representing sixteen geographic regions across the state as well as two 1A or 2 A coaches from each of the three IHSAA districts (see the list of the boys and girls selection committee members).
  5. The committee meets to discuss those players who have been nominated. If three Junior All Star games are to be played the committee selects a core group of six players, plus six players form the north, six players from the south and six players from the central part of the state. If only two games are played the committee will select six core players, plus six players from the north and six players from the south.
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