District Coach of the Year Recipients

Since 1972, the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association members have selected a "Coach of the Year"  from the five districts that were previously designated by the Indiana High School Athletic Association. 

The Awards are presented in the name of Coach Bob King, our long-time executive director of Indiana Basketball Coaches Association who is still active in the IBCA as a consultant at the ripe young age of 85!  Bob is well-known as the longtime member of the Purdue University coaching staff and athletic administration.  He was 1984 recipient of the Joe Boland Award, given by Indiana sportswriters for service to athletics, and a past president of the Indiana Collegiate Coaches Association.  He played and then coached basketball and football 13 years at Indianapolis Shortridge, and is a graduate of Butler University.  He was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in 1986!

Boys awards started in 1972-73 - Girls awards started in 1983-84

2014-2015 Coaches of the Year: 

              Boys          Girls


Historical Listings Below : Girls listing is below the Boys listing

Boys District Bob King Coach of the Year Recipients (district in parenthesis)

1972-73     (1) Steve Yoder, Plymouth (2) Bob Dille, Ft. Wayne Northrop (3) Richard Theill, Southport (4) Stan Weber, Southwestern (Jefferson Co.) (5) Bob Lochmueller, Tell City.

1973-74     (1) Marvin Wood, Mishawaka (2) Marvin Tudor, Huntington North (3) Howard Sharpe, Terre Haute North (4) Phil Snodgrass, Union Co. (5) George Marshall, Jeffersonville.

1974-75     (1) Doug Adams, Michigan City Elston (2) Jim Miller, Penn (3) Sam Alford, Martinsville (4) Pat Rady, Winchester (5) Guy Glover, Bloomfield.

1975-76     (1) Tom Linger, Lake Central (2) By Hey, Ft. Wayne North (3) Jim Rosenstihl, Lebanon (4) Bob Fuller, Anderson Highland (5) Jim Jones, Princeton.

1976-77     (1) Mike Copper, Munster (2) Gary Miller, Bellmont (3) John Milholland, Frankfort (4) Bill Slayback, Aurora (5) George Marshall, Jeffersonville

1977-78     (1) Jim Vermillion, Merrillville (2) By Hey, Ft. Wayne North (3) Jack Keefer, Lawrence North (4) Garth Cone, Alexandria (5) Bill Springer, Bloomington North.

1978-79     (1) Bill Hahn, Michigan City Rogers (2) Dave Hadaway, South Bend Adams (3) Gayle Towles, Ben Davis (4) Sam Alford, New Castle (5) John Wessel, Evansville Central.

1979-80     (1) Gene Miiller, Kankakee Valley (2) Bill Patrick, Whitko (3) Ed Siegel, Pike (4) Bob Fuller, Anderson Highland (5) Jack Butcher, Loogootee.

1980-81     (1) Phil Weybright, Argos (2) Tom Sittler, Manchester (3) Dave Nicholson, Noblesville (4) Phil Buck, Anderson Madison Hts. (5) Gunner Wyman, Vincennes Lincoln.

1981-82     (1) Jack Edison, Plymouth (2) Neal McKeeman, Homestead (3) Al Tucker, Cloverdale (4) Butch Stafford, Anderson Highland (5) Joe Mullen, Evansville Bosse.

1982-83     (1) Fred Mitchell, Chesterton (2) Tom Dubois, Southwood (3) Fred Belser, Indpls. Manual (4) Basil Mawbey, Connersville (5) Stan Neal, Washington.

1983-84     (1) Skip Collins, Valparaiso (2) Al Rhodes, Warsaw (3) Dave Nicholson, Noblesville (4) Calvin Bayley, Frankton (5) Dave Worland, Washington Catholic.

1984-85     (1) Skip Collins, Valparaiso (2) Kent Lochmueller, Carroll (Allen Co.) (3) John Milholland, Frankfort (4) Jimmie Howell, Mt. Vernon (Hancock Co.) (5) Jim Jones, Princeton.

1985-86     (1) Joe Otis, LaPorte (2) Al Rhodes, Warsaw (3) Dave Nicholson, Noblesville (4) John Robbins, Muncie South (5) Jerrill VanDeventer, Boonville.

1986-87     (1) Steve Bennett, Lafayette Central Catholic (2) Bill Green, Marion (3) Bob Heady, Carmel (4) Steve Brunes, East Central (5) Danny Bush, Bedford North Lawrence.

1987-88     (1) Dan Warkentien, Oregon-Davis (2) Creighton Burns, Mississinewa (3) Bob Knapp, Rossville (4) George Griffith, Richmond (5) Steve Brett, Bloomfield.

1988-89     (1) Skip Collins, Valparaiso (2) Dan Gunn, Marion (3) Pat Rady, Terre Haute South (4) Dave Porter, South Decatur (5) Jack Butcher, Loogootee.

1989-90     (1) Denny Foster, Hebron (2) Jim Hahn, Concord (3) Frank Craig, Indpls. Tech (4) Ron Baldwin, Yorktown (5) Gene Miiller, Vincennes Lincoln.

1990-91     (1) Ron Heflin, Gary Roosevelt (2) Pete Smith, Manchester (3) Bryan Hughes, Fountain Central (4) Bill Hahn, Muncie South (5) Danny Bush, Bedford North Lawrence.

1991-92     (1) Bob Punter, Valparaiso (2) Al Rhodes, Warsaw (3) Steve Brunes, Brownsburg (4) Alan Darner, Anderson Highland (5) Jim Miller, New Albany.

1992-93     (1) John Todd, East Chicago Central (2) Marty Johnson, East Noble (3) Steve Witty, Ben Davis (4) George Griffith, Richmond (5) Dave Clark, White River Valley.

1993-94     (1) Bob Punter, Valparaiso (2) Dick Butt, Leo (3) Phil Waddell, Tipton (4) Mike Drews, Muncie Central (5) Jim Miller, New Albany.

1994-95     (1) Jim East, Merrillville (2) Moe Smedley, Manchester (3) Joe Pearson, Indpls. Washington (4) Sam Alford, New Castle (5) Brain Wahl, Pike Central.

1995-96     (1) Bob Buscher, Andrean (2) Basil Mawbey, Kokomo (3) Mark James, Franklin Central (4) Garth Cone, Alexandria (5) Mark Matthews, Bedford-North Lawrence.

1996-97     (1) Joe Otis, LaPorte (2) Marty Johnson, East Noble (3) Dave McCollough, Noblesville (4) Mel Siefert, Batesville (5) Tom McKinney, Bloomington North.

1997-98     (1) Jack Edison, Plymouth (2) Mike Sorrell, Goshen (3) Alan Darner, Pike (4) Paul Keller, Delta (5) Dave Reese, Perry Central.

1998-99     (1) Jack Gabor, Kankakee Valley (2) Tim Reinking, Ft. Wayne Concordia (3) Larry Nicks, Indpls. Arlington (4) Chip Mehaffey, Winchester (5) J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South.

1999-'00     (1) Clint Swan, Andrean (2) Moe Smedley, Marion (3) Scott Heady, Warren Central (4) Jerry Bomholt, Southwestern (Jefferson Co.), (5) Tom Beach, Forest Park.

2000-01     (1) Basil Mawbey, Lewis Cass (2) Cliff Hawkins, DeKalb (3) Steve Witty, Ben Davis (4) Steve Bennett, New Castle (5) Jerry O'Brian, Gibson Southern.

2001-02     (1) Pat Skaggs, Benton Central (2) Wayne Barker, Bluffton (3) Steve Witty, Ben Davis (4) Chip Mehaffey, Winchester (5) Jim Shannon, New Albany.

2002-03     (1) Mike Hackett, Munster (2) Chris Benedict, Columbia City (3) Brian Satterfield, Hamilton Southeastern (4) Joe Bradburn, Yorktown (5) Will Wyman, Evansville Harrison.

2003-04     (1) Chris Benedict of Columbia City and Dean Foster of Penn (2) Andy Weaver of Western and Joe Luce of Benton Central (3) Dave Benter of Brownstown Central and Marty Echelbarger of Heritage Hills.

2004-05     (1) Robb Berger, Mishawaka and Randy DeShone, Jimtown (2) Joe Buck, Pendleton Heights and Larry Nicks, Arlington  (3) Steve Combs, Vincennes Lincoln and Dave Omer, Washington

2005-06     (1)Jack Edison, Plymouth and Steve Johnson, Elkhart Memorial  (2)  Jack Keefer, Lawrence North  and David Wood, West Lafayette  (3)  Jeff Hein, Evansville Bosse and Harry Larrabee, Shelbyville

2006-07   (1) Travis Hannah, Oregon-Davis and Bob Punter. Valparaiso  (2) David McCollough, Noblesville and Mark James, Franklin Central (3) Tom Bradley, Orleans and Jay Brown, Edgewood

2007-08   (1) Jason Groves, Triton and Tom Peller, Chesterton  (2) Travis Daugherty, Tipton and Mark Galloway, Carmel  (3) J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South and Jim Shannon, New Albany

2008-09 (1) Jason Ridge, Northridge and Marty Beasley, Carroll(Allen) (2) Shaun Busick, Zionsville and Craig Teagle, Jay County (3) Tom Weeks, Princeton and Mike Saylor, Terre Haute South

2009-10 (1) Chris Johnson, Homestead and Eric Thompson, Peru (2) Brian Barber, Danville and Steve Lynch, Mt. Vernon (Fortville) (3) Dave Benter, Brownstown Central and Matt Wadsworth, North Posey

2010-11 (1) Mike Hackett, Munster and Mark Johnson, South Bend Riley (2) Brian Hahn, Pendleton heights and Brian McCauley, Kokomo  (3) Nate Hawkins, Forest Park and Andy Igel, Eastern Greene

2011-2012 (1) Al Gooden, New Haven and Chris Johnson, Homestead  (2) Scott Heady, Carmel and Brian Satterfield, Hamilton Southeastern  (3) Bryan Hughes, Barr-Reeve and Stacy Meyer, Greensburg

2012-2013 (1)Ryan Bales, Plymouth (1) Mike Hackett, Munster (2) Brad Dickey, Tipton (2) Steve Lynch, Mt.Vernon(Fortville) (3) Brent Chitty, Columbus East (3) Bryan Speer, Evansville Harrison

2013-2014 (1) Al Rhodes, Penn (1) Aaron Wolfe, Northwood  (2) Kent Chezem, Covington  (2) Brent Keck, Perry Meridian  (3) Bryan Hughes, Barr-Reeve  (3) Jamie Kolkmeier, Corydon Central
2014-2015 (1) Marty Beasley, Carroll(FW) (1) Mike McBride, Churubusco (2) Brent Brobston, Frankton (2) Rick Peckinpaugh, McCutcheon (3) Michael Adams, Evansville Reitz (3) Brandon Hoffman, Silver Creek

Girls District Bob King Coach of the Year Recipients

1983-84     (1) Tom May, Crown Point (2) Lamar Kilmer, Ft. Wayne Snider (3) Clara Caito, Speedway (4) Cinda Brown, Rushville (5) Rick Rigel, Austin.

1984-85     (1) Jan Conner, Benton Central (2) Dave Scudder, Ft. Wayne Bishop Dwenger (3) Ray Lyttle, Noblesville (4) Jim Anthony, Indian Creek (5) Bill Hagedom, Forest Park.

1985-86     (1) Dale Ciciora, Valparaiso (2) Dave Riley, Ft. Wayne Northrop (3) Pam Taylor, Tipton (4) Terry Fox, Greenfield-Central (5) Donna Sullivan, Seymour.

1986-87     (1) Kevin Brown, North Judson (2) Dave Riley, Ft. Wayne Northrop (3) Alan Vickrey, Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (4) Tom Earlywine, Mt. Vernon (Hancock Co.) (5) Charles Mair, North Posey.

1987-88     (1) Kevin Brown, North Judson (2) Lamar Kilmar, Ft. Wayne Snider (3) Ray Lyttle, Noblesville (4) Bob Howe, Jennings County (5) Donna Cheatham, Scottsburg.

1988-89     (1) Carl Horton, Gary Roosevelt (2) Will Wienhorst, Warsaw (3) Mike Griffin, Brownsburg (4) Art Brebberman, Batesville (5) Gerry Howard, Southridge.

1989-90     (1) Dave Kenning, Valparaiso (2) Will Wienhorst, Warsaw (3) Stan Benge, Ben Davis (4) Allen Cooper, New Palestine (5) Jed Beadles, Pike Central.

1990-91     (1) Greg Kirby, Valparaiso (2) Dave Riley, Ft. Wayne Northrop (3) Mike Griffin, Brownsburg (4) Jimmie Howell, Mt. Vernon ? (5) ?

1991-92     (1) Greg Kirby, Valparaiso (2) Dave Riley, Ft. Wayne Northrop (3) Judi Warren, Carmel (4) Curt Bell, New Castle (5) Pete Pritchett, Bedford-North Lawrence.

1992-93     (1) Jim Swaney, Winamac (2) Mike McCroskey, Kokomo (3) Chuck Boehlke, North Central (Marion Co.) (4) Bill Wilson, Anderson Highland (5) Steve Brothers, Washington.

1993-94     (1) Tom Megyesi, Lake Central (2) Fred Fields, Huntington North (3) Tom Polf, Seeger (4) Leah Wooldridge (5) Steve Barrett, Pike Central.

1994-95     (1) Greg Kirby, Valparaiso (2) Fred Fields, Huntington North (3) Tom Polf, Seeger (4) Dennis Wallace, Pendleton Hts. (5) Dick Lemmon, Barr-Reeve.

1995-96     (1) Greg Greg Kirby, Valparaiso (2) Fred Fields, Huntington North (3) Rich Bagienski, Noblesville (4) Lori Robbins, Connersville (5) Tammy Wertman, Princeton.

1996-97     (1) JT Hubenthal, Logansport (2) Mike Hey, Leo (3) Mike Armstrong, Perry Meridian (4) Don Renihan, New Castle (5) Rick Myers, Jeffersonville.

1997-98     (1) Tom Megyesi, Lake Central (2) Bill Bollier, Woodlan (3) Brad Montgomery, Tri-West (4) Connie Lyon, Yorktown (5) Jason Blackard, Gibson Southern.

1998-99     (1) Dennis Foster, Hanover Central (2) Gary Andrews, Ft. Wayne Bishop Luers (3) Connie Garrett, Clinton Prairie (4) Larry Miller, Connersville (5) Bruce Dockery, Evansville Memorial.

1999-'00     (1) Jerry Bechtold, Hebron (2) Mark Rohm, DeKalb (3) Stan Benge, Ben Davis (4) Julie Shelton, Mt. Vernon (Hancock Co.) (5) Joe Pigg, White River Valley.

2000-01     (1) Chris Huppenthal, Highland (2) Kem Zolman, Wawasee (3) Jodie Whitaker, Lawrence North (4) Jon Howell, Alexandria (5) Marty Niehaus, Forest Park.

2001-02     (1) Dan Shead, New Prairie (2) Doug Curtis, Angola (3) Leah Wooldridge, Noblesville (4) Donna Cheatham, Southwestern (Jefferson Co.) (5) Janis Hert, Vincennes Lincoln.

2002-03     (1) Ron Edmonds, East Chicago Central (2) Lisa Miller, Carroll (Allen Co.) (3) Dawn McNew, Beech Grove (4) Jon Howell, Alexandria (5) Missy Voyles, North Harrison.

2003-04     (1) Dan Feagler of Garrett and Gary Teel of Tippecanoe Valley (2) Allen Cooper of New Palestine and Todd Salkoski of Shenandoah (3) Michael Uhl of Corydon Central and Rick Marshall of North Knox.

2004-05     (1) Dave Cox, Plymouth and Candy Wilson, Boone Grove (2) Pam Taylor, Franklin Central and Tracey Hammel, Lebanon (3) Wayne Allen, Castle and Leslie (Wade) Vanhoy, Loogootee

2005-06     (1)Marilyn Coddens, SB Washington and Mark Underwood, Manchester   (2)  Scott Bowen, Carmel  and Chris Huppenthal, Hamilton Southeastern  (3)  Chad Gilbert, Jeffersonville  and Mike Powless, Evansville Central

2006-07  (1) Gary Collins, Michigan City and Ken Markful, Andrean (2) Steve Drabyn, Avon and Todd Law, Oak Hill (3) Jim Rose, Bloomfield and Greg Werner, Southridge

2007-08  (1) Dori Downing, Calumet and Kem Zollman, Wawasee  (2) Brad Bowsman, Twin Lakes and John Lewellen, Cambridge City Lincoln  (3)  Scott Smith, Jac-Cen-Del and Jared Peterson, Austin

2008-09 (1) Mark Redding, FW Elmhurst and Steve Proctor, Fairfield (2) Stan Benge, Ben Davis and Curt Benge, Plainfield (3) Jason Lane, Vincennes Lincoln and Mark Monroe, Gibson Southern

2009-10 (1) Jerry Hoover, Logansport and Gene Johnson, Jimtown (2) Kurt Ogden, Hamilton Heights and Jason Snyder, Kokomo (3) Melissa Marlow, Rushville and Joe Voelker, Floyd Central

2010-11 (1) Mike Hamacher, Hobart and Doug Springer, Northridge (2) David Baxter, Benton Central and Julie Shelton, Mt. Vernon (Fortville) (3) Beth DeVinney, Seymour and Corey Simon, Evansville North.

2011-12 (1) Amy Govert, Merrillville and Steve Neff, Northwood. (2) Jeff Knoy, McCutcheon and Eric Thornton, Norwell.  (3) Mark Holt, Barr-Reeve and Greg Werner, Southridge.

2012-2013 (1) Michelle Harter, Warsaw  (1) Rod Parker, Homestead (2) Shane Sumpter, Westfield (2) Tod Windlan, Hamilton Heights (3) Kurt Godlevske, Bedford-North-Lawrence (3) Pat McKee, Columbus North
2013-2014  (1) Skeeter Heath, LaPorte  (1) Kristi Kaniewski Ulrich, Penn  (2) Chris Giffin, Lawrence North  (2) Rich Schelsky, Western Boone  (3) Steve Goans, Evans. Mater Dei  (3) Gretchen Miles, Washington
2014-2015 (1) Rod Parker, Homestead (1) Mike Urban, Lake Central (2) Donna Keck, Noblesville (2) Tod Windlan, Carmel (3) Mark Holt, Barr-Reeve (3) Kevin Moore, East Central



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