Boys Underclass Showcase Agenda


2016 July 13 - IBCA-IHSAA Boys Underclassman Showcase



14th Annual – July 13th, 2016

2:30-3:00 pm  Registration/check-in for players and coaches – Enter the south side of the building thru

                       Entrance 4.  After check-in, players and coaches report to the Fitness Center for warm-ups.


3:00-3:15        Welcome, announcements, and introductions from Coach Witty & Coach Smith.


3:20-3:30        Stretching and Warm Ups by Methodist Sports Medicine personnel.


3:35-4:25        First Session of Games               4 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center

                   2 Games Take Place in the Main Gym                  on Court 1 – Green vs. Maroon         

               on Court 1 – White vs. Black                              on Court 2 – Navy vs Red                      

               on Court 2 – Gold vs. Royal                               on Court 3 – Orange vs. Columbia  

                                                                                          on Court 4 – Gray vs. Purple


4:30- 4:55       Guest Speaker  -  


5:05-6:05        Stations - 9 minutes at each station; one minute to rotate.


1          Transition Offense Full Court – Competes Against Station 2

2          Transition Defense Full Court – Competes Against Station 1

3          Shooting Drills – Pull-Up Jump Shots & Mid-Range Transition Shots

4          Rebounding the Basketball – 4 on 4 Block Outs and Offensive Rebounding

5          Contain, Protect, Contest – Individual & Help Side Defensive Concepts

6          Ball Handling and Open Court Moves 


6:10-7:00        Second Session of Games    Six teams will be in the Main Gym during this

3 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center                        session having dinner and be listening to the

              on Court 1 – Columbia vs. Gray                NCAA Lachelle Turner: “Recruitment & Compliance

              on Court 2 – Purple vs. Orange                   Those teams in the Main Gym at this time will be:

on Court 3 – Red vs. Green                            Black, Gold, Royal, White, Maroon, and Navy.


7:05-7:55        Second Session of Games (completion) The remaining six teams will be   3 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center             in the Main Gym during this session having dinner

on Court 1 – Royal vs White                                      and listening to the NCAA presentation

on Court 2 – Black vs Gold                                      Teams in the Main Gym at this time

on Court 3 – Maroon vs Navy                                 Columbia, Gray, Purple, Orange, Red, Green


8:00-8:50   Third & Final Session of Games   4 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center      2 Games Take Place in the Main Gym                                    on Court 1 – Gray vs. Royal

                  on Court 1 – Maroon vs. Red                                 on Court 2 – Purple vs. Columbia      

                  on Court 2 – Navy vs. Green                                  on Court 3 – Black vs. Orange

                                                                                                  on Court 4 – Gold vs. White


8:50-9:00        Ending comments and completion of the 14th IBCA-IHSAA Underclassman Showcase.



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