Girls Underclass Showcase Agenda

The 14h Annual                                           at Ben Davis High School

IBCA-IHSAA Girls Underclassman Showcase

July 12 2016

1:30-2:00 pm  Registration/check-in for players and coaches – Enter the south side of the building thru

                        Entrance 4.  After check-in, players and coaches report to the Fitness Center for warm-ups.


2:00-2:15        Welcome, announcements, and introductions from Coaches Layden, Turpa and Schott


2:20-2:30        Stretching and Warm Ups by Methodist Sports Medicine personnel.


2:30-3:30        Stations - 9 minutes at each station; one minute to rotate. (see below for assignments)



1         Transition Offense Full Court – Competes Against Station 2

2         Transition Defense Full Court – Competes Against Station 1

3         Shooting Drills – Pull-Up Jump Shots & Mid-Range Transition Shots

4         Rebounding the Basketball – 4 on 4 Block Outs and Offensive Rebounding

5         Contain, Protect, Contest – Individual & Help Side Defensive

6         Ball Handling and Open Court Moves


3:35-4:25        First Session of Games                           4 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center

                        2 Games Take Place in the Main Gym                      on Court 1 – Green vs. Maroon          

                           on Court 1 – White vs. Black                                  on Court 2 – Navy vs. Red                                                         on Court 2 – Gold vs. Royal                                    on Court 3 – Orange vs. Columbia        

                                                                                                            on Court 4 – Gray vs. Purple



4:30-5:20        Second Session of Games                      Six teams will be in the Main Gym during this

                        3 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center          session having dinner and Lachelle Turner’s

                             on Court 1 – Columbia vs. Gray                  NCAA Presentation: “Recruitment & Compliance

                             on Court 2 – Purple vs. Orange                   Those teams in the Main Gym at this time will be:

     on Court 3 – Red vs. Green                            Black, Gold, Royal, White, Maroon, and Navy.



5:30-6:20        Second Session of Games (completion)        The remaining six teams will be in the Main Gym

                        3 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center           during this session having dinner and Ms. Turner

                             on Court 1 – Royal vs. White                                 NCAA Presentation. Those teams

                             on Court 2 – Black vs. Gold                                     in the Main Gym at this time will be:

     on Court 3 – Maroon vs. Navy                         Columbia, Gray, Purple, Orange, Red, & Green.


6:30- 6:50       Guest Speaker  -   Katie Geralds – Ms Basketball 2005.- 4 year Starter at Purdue University

                                WNBA Player What it means to be a high school player in the State of Indiana”


7:00-7:50        Third & Final Session of Games            4 Games Take Place in the Fitness Center

                        2 Games Take Place in the Main Gym                      on Court 1 – Gray vs. Royal

                            on Court 1 – Maroon vs. Red                                 on Court 2 – Purple vs. Columbia       

                            on Court 2 – Navy vs. Green                                  on Court 3 – Black vs. Orange

                                                                                                            on Court 4 – Gold vs. White

7:50-8:00        Ending comments and completion of The Showcase.          

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